Transforming Towns


with safe and resilient towns

Embracing the opportunity to reimagine and recreate our open spaces – for resilient and thriving town centres, which in turn will lead to happy and strong communities

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has had a significant impact on the lives and health of many Powys citizens, but it has also had severe economic consequences. The lockdown had an immediate impact on the way in which our town centres operate, with many businesses being required to close for a significant period of time.  

​The attention now turns to making our public realm areas safe, gaining the public’s confidence to return to the high streets and ensuring our local businesses and high streets remain viable. 

Elements of the Transforming Towns 2020/21 budget allocation has been repurposed to allow Local Authority partners across Wales a much greater degree of flexibility in adapting to the comprehensive social distancing changes required in town centres in Powys & Ceredigion as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The lead applicant must be Town Councils, Local Authority or a BID / regeneration group where present, within Powys & Ceredigion. Town Council’s must consult with the allocated County Council Liaison Offer in the first instance.  The applicant will also need to demonstrate that consultation has been undertaken with Business Groups and Chambers of Trade to ascertain the requirements needed to support social distancing.

We are committed to ensuring that all businesses, who are willing and able to open, are given the help needed to ensure their staff and customers are safe and that they have the opportunity to begin trading.   We are aiming to help shape ’greener’, welcoming, resilient, and thriving town centres, which in turn will lead to happy and strong communities.

In areas where roads can be pedestrianised, there will be opportunities to install unique street furniture, creating open air dining and socialising space for cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. Reclaimed public space can be granted licences and other areas can simply be available for people to safely meet and enjoy community life. 

​This is your opportunity to embrace the opportunities and make real changes to the way our town centres are used – ensuring the viability of many businesses and healthy communities.

​For further information please see the attached guidance and application form.

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