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Transforming Towns Placemaking Grant 2022-25

Welsh Government placemaking funding for the mid-Wales region will see an investment of £5.08millon to help revitalise Powys and Ceredigion town centres over the next three years.  


IMPORTANT: The current programme closes on the 31st December 2024


The Welsh Government Town centres: position statement (May 2023) sets out the policy and range of support for revitalising our town centres.


The Transforming Towns programme is a partnership between Powys County Council, Ceredigion County Council, and the Welsh Government, and aims to reimagine and recreate buildings and open spaces to create resilient and thriving town centres.

The Transforming Towns Placemaking Grant provides capital funding for local businesses, social enterprises, and public bodies to enable a broad and flexible programme of support for a wide range of projects that can help to rejuvenate town centres across mid-Wales. The type of projects can include green infrastructure developments, public realm improvements, installing digital infrastructure in town centres, to internal and external commercial and residential property improvements and much more. 

Potential projects will need to satisfy eligibility criteria which will include demonstrating clear links to a current Town Place Plan or Town Centre Strategy. Also, potential projects will need to satisfy the Transforming Towns Placemaking Grant Framework criteria.

Applicants can discuss potential projects with their local project officer who can advise whether the project could be eligible and help with the expression of interest process.


Transforming Towns Placemaking Grant Framework


Transforming Towns Placemaking Grant Outputs


Transforming Towns Placemaking Grant Guidance


Transforming Towns Placemaking Grant Expression of interest Form

For further information about the Transforming Towns Grant Programme please contact:


Telephone: 01597 827656

Match Funding through a Town Centre Loan Scheme.
Powys County Council delivers the Welsh Government Town Centre Loan Scheme across the county. The loan scheme can help to fund residential and commercial property development within Powys  town centres.


A town Centre loan can also be used to help make up the funding package for a Transforming Towns Grant application. More details about the loan scheme are available from Powys County Council’s Private Sector Housing Team.


Town Centre Loans


Town Centre Loans

For further information about the Town Centre Loan Scheme please contact:


Telephone: 01597 827464

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