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Armed Forces Covenant
Military Carers Guide
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Welsh military veteran carers guide
"A guide that will support those who have served our country, and help them access the support they need”.
Carers Wales, in partnership with Age Cymru’s Project 3600, has launched a guide on entitlements and support for veteran carers and people caring for veterans. The guide was developed with the input of veterans and veteran charities and aims to provide unique information about the help available to meet the challenges that arise from caring within the military veteran community.

The guide includes information on identifying as a carer, managing the caring journey and accessing support.  As well as practical information there are stories from real carers - both sharing their experiences of being a veteran carer, and family members caring for a veteran.


Caring within the veteran community can present additional challenges. The culture and experiences in the military mean people have coped with severe risks and are accustomed to self-sufficiency and sacrifice, often putting their own needs second.

There may also have been times in Service where personnel have been away from family and friends and lost touch with those who could help. It is therefore important for carers in the veteran community to know that they are not alone and that there is dedicated support to help them with their caring role.

About Carers Wales
Every year in Wales 123,000 people become carers, looking after family or friends who are older, disabled or seriously ill. However caring affects you, Carers Wales can help.
For expert information and advice about caring, contact the Carers UK Helpline:
T 0808 808 7777, Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm


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