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Climate Solutions

In addition to the Mid Wales Energy Strategy and the Future Proofing Powys Consultation. We are interested in practical measures you feel could help improve the region. Communities in Powys already do a range of measures, such as Community Owned Renewable Energy projects, Eco housing, "Incredible Edibles", community-grown food in highly accessible places. "Repair Cafes" to make things last and many more.


Do you have an idea for some land or a building the Council owns that you would like to share? A new community energy project that you want the council to know about? This is your place to suggest practical ideas for us to address climate change together. 

Please read our privacy statement here. If you wish to help us by sharing your suggestions anonymously feel free to do so.

Climate Change Suggestions:
Tell us about your idea for improving climate change in Powys…
5. Who do you think would be able to make this idea come to life? (Please tick all that apply)
I wish to suggest solutions to the Climate Emergency anonymously
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