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Regenerating Powys

Grow In Powys is Powys County Council's Economy Team.

Working alongside our partners we are busy promoting and delivering regeneration projects that will improve the quality of life and attractiveness of Powys, making it a vibrant County that people will want to work, live and spend time in.

Our main aims are to:

· Support local communities to work together to find local solutions for local problems. 

· Encourage Local Business growth and diversity.

· Promote the area to attract new and sustainable investment.

· Maximise funding opportunities to assist in development of Powys

· Assist in the regeneration of our towns and communities.

· Support initiatives to secure local jobs for local people, 

The Economy Team works closely with a wide range of partners, both within the Council and externally. We strive to be an accessible, friendly team, and welcome contact from any voluntary group, social enterprise or community member with ideas about how to improve the quality of life for people in Powys. If we are not the right source of support, we will always try to refer you on to someone more appropriate. 

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