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Severn Valley Regeneration Programme

With European Regional Development Funding, the Severn Valley Regeneration Programme was launched in 2010 to cover the Severn Valley area including the three main towns of Welshpool, Newtown and Llanidloes. Delivered and match funded by the Welsh Government and Powys County Council, the project was designed to improve economic prospects and to make the Severn Valley an attractive area to work, live and visit.

The projects sought to deliver three outcomes:

· Providing infrastructure for new and expanding businesses

· Enhancing the streetscape of the three towns centres

· Improving historic business premises with heritage interest throughout the Severn Valley area.


Site Infrastructure.

The Welsh Government delivered the infrastructure works for the programme by servicing two employment sites, in Welshpool and Newtown, to provide a future supply of development plots, mainly for office and light manufacturing purposes, for new and expanding businesses in the Severn Valley.


Streetscape Improvements.

The streetscape enhancement took place in Welshpool, Newtown and Llanidloes and were designed to complement the existing historical context and improve accessibility. Welshpool benefited from a much improved pedestrian link from Berriew Sreet Car Park through to the town centre, encouraging more footfall and tourism into the town with easy access via a newly installed ramp from the car park. The Severn Valley Programme also funded an initial phase of work on the site of two Scheduled Ancient Monuments on the edge of Welshpool, close to the Old Station. The works included opening up access into the site and have provided the foundation to further improvements through a planned 5 year project between the Town Council and CADW. 

Newtown has seen an improved pedestrian route between the town’s bus and rail interchanges. Additional works ensured connections with other town networks designed to encourage the local community and visitors to use the extensive local walking and cycling network. 

Improved access to the central shopping and market area, providing significant enhancement to the historic setting of Great Oak Street has been seen in Llanidloes. The scheme included sympathetic works to the footways, renewed signs, street furniture and extra protection for the lime trees replacing some that were missing.

Built Heritage.

The scheme has renovated the external fabric of commercial and business properties of heritage interest. The scheme has transformed 29 key properties across the whole Severn Valley area and brought vacant properties back into economic use leading to 32 new jobs and 5 new businesses created. 


A leaflet with further information on the scheme is available from:

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