Policies and Procedures


The importance of written policies and procedures: Well run organisations can exist for years and flourish without written policies. But the moment there is a disagreement about the way to do things trustees and senior staff can be sunk by inadequate documentation of the organisation’s policies, operating procedures and plans.


Where to get help

  • Need off-the-shelf policies to start meeting your legal obligations and stop your project going wrong? Click on the links below to download examples of some of the key written policies and procedures which your organisation will need.

  • You can find many more model and example policies by exploring the web sites listed in theWhere to get more help section.

  • If you use example documents it is extremely important that you carefully adapt them to the particular needs of your own organisation and ensure that the members of your Committee are involved in agreeing the content and confirming their adoption.

  • Ensure your organisation’s name appears throughout your policies – not the name of the organisation which provided the model.


Links to example policy documents:

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