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Brecon 20:20

A New Vision

What is Brecon 20:20?

Brecon 20:20 is a new vision and action plan for the future of Brecon. It is being developed by representatives of Brecon Town Council, Brecon Chamber of Trade, PLAN Brecon and other interest groups in Brecon. The group members undertake all work for Brecon 20:20 on a voluntary basis.


We are also advised and supported by the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority and Powys County Council.

Your Voice Counts - Brecon 20:20 Residents Survey


What will the plan do?

In March 2018 residents and businesses in Brecon were invited through an extensive survey to give their views on their aspirations for the town.

The Brecon 20:20 group is using this information to develop a community led plan which will reflect the residents aspirations and help to define the future of the town.


It is hoped that the plan will inform future planning process and provide evidence for potential funding bids for the town.

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